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She has a no man policy.

Karol Lee has a cynical outlook on dating and men in general. Her own father walked out on her, and she has seen her mother’s failed marriages one too many times.

Then Casey happened. He’s drop dead sexy, and she feels an immediate connection to him like he was made for her.

But she can’t have him. Nothing changes the fact that he’s just another man who won’t stick around.

He’ll do whatever it takes to claim her.

Casey Hunt left Blue Pack, his fellow wolf shifters, to find his Fated Mate. He found her, and she’s everything he could have wanted with her fiery personality and blazing red hair.

But she doesn’t want him.

Luckily, Casey isn’t willing to give up that easily. No matter how long it takes—or what it takes—he’s determined to win her heart.

Fated Mates. Forever Love.

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Her True Wolf (Marked by the Moon, #0)

New Release

She’s on a mission to save him.

Emily Walker is a human woman with two Fated Mates, both of them sexy shifter men. It should have been a dream come true. But everything changed when Mason was murdered and Ethan disappeared.

For five years, Emily has searched for Ethan to no avail. She’s about to give up when a dangerous shifter gives her Ethan’s location. Is this the miracle she’s been searching for or is it a trap?

He made a dark promise.

Ethan Street, black panther shifter and son of a dangerous gang boss, lost both of his Fated Mates on the night Mason died in his arms. He promised to keep Emily safe by never crossing her path again. Humans are fragile and shifters are volatile.

He took up the name Rogue and resigned himself to a lonely existence of atonement, but Emily shows up one day and puts a rift in his plans.

Together, can they fix what is broken?

Fated Mates. Forever Love.

Her Bad Cat (Marked by the Moon, #5)