Her Brave Wolf

She’s smitten by a wolf.

Gwendolyn Laney was just an ordinary park ranger until the day she was bitten by a wolf, a wolf that can turn into a hot as sin man.

There’s some kind of magic drawing her to him. Maybe someone more sensible would be worried, but not Gwen.

She knows she belongs with him.

He can’t have a human.

Nickolas Sipe is the Alpha of Blue Pack. He has a duty to all of his wolves, and that duty means keeping humans away.

Humans have no place in the pack. They’re the ones to blame for wolf shifter misfortunes.

It doesn’t matter that she gets him wild with a simple look. This human can’t be the one for him.

Fated Mates. Forever Love.

Her Brave Wolf (Marked by the Moon, #1)